A branch and cut approach to the cardinality constrained by Bauer P.

By Bauer P.

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1. An embedding of C and PeT Now, suppose for a contradiction that the coefficient for edge f ∈ E \ T cannot be increased to wlTf , this implies by Lemma 2 that 2 − l Tf + 2 − z f ≤ wlTf − 1. 1) Since edge f must be in an optimal solution x to problem (CIP), we have zf = x e + 2 − l Tf + e∈T we x e . 2) gives that wlTf + we x e ≥ 3 − e∈(E\T )\ f xe. 3) e∈T Let C be the optimal circuit defined by incidence vector x. Define m as m ≡ |C ∩ (E \ T )|. We now proceed to prove the validity of the coefficient improvements on a case by case basis.

K is odd, l Tf = 3k/2 +2i for some i ∈ such that l gT ≥ k. + , and ∃g ∈ C ∩(E \ T \ f ) 342 P. Bauer et al. In this subcase, we know that wlTf = (5−k)/2 and we = 2−leT ∀e ∈ (C\ f )∩(E\T ). 3) implies that (2 − leT ) ≥ 3 − (5 − k)/2 + e∈(C\ f )∩(E\T ) Using the fact that e∈T xe. 16) and applying Lemma 3, we get that |P Tf ∩ C| − |PeT \ P Tf | ≥ k − m + 3. e∈(C\ f )∩(E\T ) Therefore, |C| ≥ |P Tf ∩ C| + m ≥ k + 3 + |PeT \ P Tf | ≥ k + 3, e∈E\T \ f which gives the contradiction |C| > k. We have shown that in all possible cases, if the coefficient of an edge e ∈ E \ T in the original tree inequality cannot be improved to wlTe , then there is a contradiction.

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