Acupuncture in Physiotherapy: Key Concepts and by Val Hopwood PhD FCSP Dip Ac Nanjing

By Val Hopwood PhD FCSP Dip Ac Nanjing

This e-book permits readers to increase their perform by way of expanding their knowing of acupuncture and indicating the place and the way it's going to profit their sufferers. in contrast to many vague acupuncture texts, this booklet makes the assimilation of information of chinese and scientific philosophies effortless.

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Stroke or Windstroke There are many factors involved in a stroke or, in TCM terms, Windstroke. The causes are mostly associated with the Liver but the sequelae or aftereffects have much to do with stagnation of Blood and Qi. 11. 11 43 Differentiation of Windstroke Structures affected Collaterals Channels Yang organs Yin organs Sequelae External Wind Internal Wind Internal Wind Internal Wind Qi Xu Weak Wei Qi Numbness in extremities, minimal motor impairment Mild facial paralysis Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency Hemiplegia Facial paralysis Stiff tongue Coma Hemiplegia Constipation Retention of urine Blood stasis Coma Hemiplegia Cold limbs Double incontinence Conscious Hemiplegia, hemiparesis Facial paralysis Speech problems transient and equates well with a transient ischaemic attack (TIA) in Western medicine.

The power of the Urinary Bladder to contain the urine is directly dependent on the strength of Kidney Qi. Weakness of Kidney Qi can lead to pathological frequency or incontinence. Night incontinence, enuresis or bed-wetting is caused by a Kidney deficiency manifesting only at night, when Yang Qi is generally weaker. Weakness of Kidney Qi can also cause other urinary problems such as incomplete emptying of the bladder and constant dribbling of urine. Generally a deficiency in Kidney Yang causes an increase in the amount of urine, and a deficiency of Kidney Yin will result in decreased urine production.

Hopwood V, Lovesey M, Mokone S 1997 Acupuncture and related techniques in physiotherapy, 1st edn. London: Churchill Livingstone. Hu HH, Chung C, Liu TJ et al 1993 A randomised controlled trial on the treatment for acute partial ischaemic stroke with acupuncture. Neuroepidemiology 12: 106–113. Johansson B, Haker E, von Arbin M et al 2001 Acupuncture and transcutaneous nerve stimulation in stroke rehabilitation. Stroke 32: 707–713. Juvela S, Hillbom M, Palomaki H 1995 Risk factors for spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage.

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