Advances on Material Science and Manufacturing Technologies by Edited by Qingzhou Xu

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The God Species: Saving the Planet in the Age of Humans

We people are the God species, either the creators and destroyers of lifestyles on the earth. As we input a brand new geological period - the Anthropocene - our collective strength now overwhelms and dominates the foremost forces of nature.

yet from the water cycle to the move of nitrogen and carbon during the whole Earth method, we're coming dangerously with reference to destroying the planetary life-support structures that maintain us. during this arguable new e-book, Royal Society technological know-how Books Prize winner Mark Lynas indicates us how we needs to use our new mastery over nature to save lots of the planet from ourselves.

Taking ahead the paintings of a super new team of Earth-system scientists who've mapped out our genuine 'planetary boundaries', Lynas attracts up a thorough manifesto calling for the elevated use of environmentally-friendly applied sciences like genetic engi- neering and nuclear strength as a part of an international attempt to take advantage of humanity's top instruments to guard and nurture the biosphere.

Ecological limits are actual, yet fiscal limits aren't, Lynas contends. we will be able to and needs to feed a richer inhabitants of 9 billion humans in a long time to return, while additionally respecting the 9 planetary limitations - from biodiversity to ocean acidification - now pointed out and quantified by means of scientists.

Ripping up years of environmental orthodoxy, he finds how the prescriptions of the present eco-friendly circulation tend to hin- der up to support our vitally-needed attempt to take advantage of technology and know-how to play God and keep the planet.

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5 Conclusions 1. EPMA and EDS results indicate that the main minerals of Huashan granite-type uranium ore deposit are all secondary uranium minerals, among which Changchong is (meta-) autunite, Baishijiao is kasolite, Caomiping is torbernite and zeunerite. Chemical compositions of the three uranium minerals (mineralization) occurrences are obvious different, implying the different mineral sources, or due to the post secondary alteration process. [130]). 310 Guangxi geological party, China national nuclear corparation, Here I'd like to express my gratitude to all of them.

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