Analog Science Fiction and Fact (January-February 2014)

4 • Checklists • [Editorial (Analog)] • essay through Trevor Quachri
• eight • track to Me • [Floyd and Brittney] • novella through Richard A. Lovett
• forty • lighting fixtures Up the mind: using Electromagnetic Radiation to Stimulate Neurons • [Science truth (Analog)] • essay through Kyle Kirkland
• forty nine • not anything to worry • poem by way of Kate Gladstone
• forty nine •  Nothing to worry • inside paintings through uncredited
• 50 • Mousunderstanding • shortstory via Carl Frederick
• 50 •  Mousunderstanding • inside paintings by way of Joshua Meehan
• sixty one • Wine, ladies, and Stars • shortstory by way of Thoraiya Dyer
• 70 • this is often As I desire to Be Restored • shortstory via Christie Yant
• seventy three • In occasions to return (Analog, January-February 2014) • [In instances to come back (Analog)] • essay by means of uncredited
• seventy four • Product recollects • poem by way of Mary A. Turzillo
• seventy five •  Product recollects • inside paintings by way of uncredited
• seventy six • The Tansy Tree • novelette via Rob Chilson
• seventy six •  The Tansy Tree • inside art by means of Zelda Devon
• ninety one • the matter with Reproducible insects • shortstory by means of Marie DesJardin
• ninety six • similar to Grandma Used to Make • shortstory by way of Brenta Blevins
• ninety eight • Racing Prejudice • shortstory through John Frye, III
• a hundred • On Investigating Heretical Gizmos • [The trade View] • essay by way of Jeffery D. Kooistra
• 103 • Technological Plateau • shortstory by means of Michael Turton
• a hundred and ten • This Quiet airborne dirt and dust • shortstory through Karl Bunker
• one hundred ten •  This Quiet dirt • inside art by means of Kurt Huggins
• one hundred twenty • made up our minds Spirits • novelette by way of gray Rollins
• 132 • Lockstep (Part 2 of four) • serial via Karl Schroeder
• 132 •  Lockstep • inside paintings through Mark Evans
• a hundred and eighty • The Reference Library (Analog, January-February 2014) • [The Reference Library] • essay via Don Sakers
• 181 •   assessment: Mars, Inc.: The Billionaire's membership via Ben Bova • assessment via Don Sakers
• 182 •   overview: Ghost Spin via Chris Moriarty • evaluation via Don Sakers
• 182 •   assessment: at the Razor's facet by way of Michael Flynn • evaluation by way of Don Sakers
• 183 •   evaluate: Transcendental by means of James Gunn • evaluation via Don Sakers
• 183 •   overview: John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood via Michael D. • evaluation by means of Don Sakers
• 184 • Brass Tacks (Analog, January-February 2014) • [Brass Tacks] • essay through a variety of
• 184 •  Letter: the writer Responds ... (Analog, January-February 2014) • essay through Haris A. Durrani
• 186 •  Letter (Analog, January-February 2014) • essay by means of Rick Norwood
• 187 • 2013 Index (Analog, January-February 2014) • essay by way of uncredited
• a hundred ninety • It's Anlab Time back (Analog, January-February 2014) • essay through uncredited
• 192 • Upcoming occasions (Analog, January-February 2014) • [Upcoming occasions] • essay by way of Anthony R. Lewis [as through Anthony Lewis ]

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The chopper sounded closer, practically overhead. They must have registered the explosions. She hoped. But chances were about a zillion to one they’d see anything before she was dead. Or worse. Thanks to B-Ops, Inter-Regional Air Safety wasn’t equipped to deal with paranormal manifestations. Hell, she doubted even anyone in B-Ops was equipped to deal with this fellow. S. would mistake it for a werewolf, and that would be that. S. never interfered with werewolf conversions. Claudia, however, didn’t intend to end up dead or worse.

She collected a drop of glistening gore from the center of the chest cavity, less chance of contamination, then dropped the strip in the vial and broke the chem-release seal. “So, not a dog, not a vamp. Not a human. What the hell is he, then? ” Claudia fell backward onto her butt. Something went squish under her, followed by the odor of something rotting from the inside out. “Oh, crud. This is just gross. ” The vampire plucked something from the ground and handed it to her. Damn preternatural vision.

She roundhouse-kicked again, aiming for the femoral pressure point. The demon stumbled, and then, in a flicker, stood perfectly balanced on cloven hooves. A nice touch. It roared. A scaly arm shot out, fingers going around her throat like a vise. She brought up a knee and kicked the monster in the back, a shot to the dorsal area about as effective as before. She fought off her terror and kneed the bastard again while she threw her weight down and away. Their two bodies hit the ground as she hooked her fingers in its collarbones, sliding a thumb into the soft spot over the carotid artery.

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