Analysis and Simulation of Fluid Dynamics (Advances in by Caterina Calgaro, Jean-François Coulombel, Thierry Goudon

By Caterina Calgaro, Jean-François Coulombel, Thierry Goudon

This quantity collects the contributions of a convention held in June 2005 on the laboratoire Paul Painleve (UMR CNRS 8524) in Lille, France. The assembly used to be meant to study scorching themes and destiny traits in fluid dynamics, with the target to foster exchanges of assorted viewpoints (e.g. theoretical, and numerical) at the addressed questions. It contains a suite of analysis articles on contemporary advances within the research and simulation of fluid dynamics.

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Hence, the ith component of the regularization term (6) is nothing but the associated entropy rate of production. At the present stage, we do not assume convexity in the mapping v → ui (v) nor suppose that each of the possible (second order) nonconservative products in (6) keeps a constant sign (say negative). Rephrasing the above observations in (6)–(8), the existence of the change of variable v → u(v) in (5) thus requires the existence of as many additional entropy pairs with independent gradients for (3) than there exist scalar equations involving genuine nonconservative products in (3).

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