Ancient Judaism by Max Weber

By Max Weber

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They produce religious paraments, reminding us- of the ritualistically privileged position of the Indian Kammalar arti:. 28 c GERIM AND THE ETHIC OF PATRIARCHS » 29 <~ sans, who practiced the same art. The similarity goes farther. The Kammalar of Southern India were imported and privileged royal artisans. Dan, according to tradition, was settled in the area of Sidon and, in I. " According to tradition, furthermore, Hiram had a Naphthali mother and was, thus, a half-breed whom Solomon called to his court.

The free Israelite peasants who were economically not fully qualified to serve in the army will, in substance, have occupied the place which throughout Antiquity we see assigned to the agroikos, periokoi, and plebeji and which we can plainly recognize in Hesiod. Personally free, such a peasant is legally or in fact excluded from active political rights, above all from legal office. This, indeed, gave the patricians the opportunity to exploit him usuriously, to reduce him to debt slavery, to bend the law and overpower the peasant demos.

The horse, for instance, while not completely absent, at least, not in Mesopotamia, had not as yet been converted into an implement of special military technique. This occurred only during those peoples' movements which established the rule of the Hyksos in Egypt and the dominion of the Kassites in Mesopotamia. The technique of chariot warfare emerged only then, providing the opportunity and incentive to great conquest expeditions into distant regions. At first the Egyptians invaded Palestine as a source of booty.

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