Animal cell technology: from biopharmaceuticals to gene by Leda R. Castilho

By Leda R. Castilho

Creation to animal telephone know-how /, Animal cells: uncomplicated thoughts /, Cloning and expression of heterologous proteins in animal cells /, telephone metabolism and its keep watch over in tradition /, tradition media for animal cells /, Post-translational amendment of recombinant proteins /, Mechanisms of phone proliferation and telephone loss of life in animal cellphone tradition in vitro /, Mathematical types for progress and product synthesis in animal telephone tradition /, Bioreactors for animal cells /, tracking and keep an eye on of mobile cultures /, Animal phone separation /, Product purification tactics /, qc of biotechnological items /, Regulatory facets /, highbrow estate /, Recombinant healing proteins /, Monoclonal antibodies /, Viral vaccines: techniques, rules, and bioprocesses /, Bioinsecticides /, phone remedies and stem cells /, Gene remedy /; Paula Marques Alves, Manuel Jose Teixeira Carrondo, & Pedro Estilita Cruz --, Patricia Leo ... [et al.] --, Mariela Bollati-Fogolin & Marcelo A. Comini --, Paola Amable & Michael Butler --, Angela Maria Moraes, Ronaldo Zucatelli Mendonca, & Claudio Alberto Torres Suazo --, Michael Butler --, Maira Peixoto Pellegrini, Rodrigo Coelho Ventura Pinto, & Leda dos Reis Castilho --, Elisabeth F.P. Augusto, Manuel F. Barral, & Rosane A.M. Piccoli --, Ernesto Chico Veliz, Gryssell Rodriguez, & Alvio Figueredo Cardero --, Aldo Tonso --, Leda dos Reis Castilho & Ricardo de Andrade Medronho --, Angela Maria Moraes, Leda Castilho, & Sonia Maria Alves Bueno --, Marina Etcheverrigaray & Ricardo Kratje --, Maria Teresa Alves Rodrigues & Ana Maria Moro --, Ana Cristina Almeida Muller & Leila Costa Duarte Longa --, Maria Candida Maia Mellado & Leda dos Reis Castilho --, Wirla M.S.C. Tamashiro & Elisabeth F.P. Augusto --, Isabel Maria Vicente Guedes de Carvalho Mello ... [et al.] --, Marcia Regina da Silva Pedrini & Ronaldo Zucatelli Mendonca --, Hamilton da Silva Jr. & Radovan Borojevic --, Celio Lopes Silva ... [et al.]

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Nerve cells, fibroblasts, Caco2, MRC-5, and endothelial cells). g. embryonic and adult stem cells). Primary cells are isolated directly from organs or tissues. Primary cells are normally heterogeneous and better represent the tissue from which they originate. These cells have a finite growth capacity and can be subcultured for only a limited number of passages. Subcultured cells, which have been selected to form a population of cells of a single type, are designated cell lines, and can be finite or continuous.

Land H, Parada LF, Weinberg RA (1983), Tumorigenic conversion of primary fibroblasts requires at least two co-operating oncogenes, Nature 304:596–602. MacDonald C (1990), Development of new cell lines for animal cell biotechnology, CRC Crit. Rev. Biotechnol. 10:155–178. Mayhall EA, Paffett-Lugassy N, Zon LI (2004), The clinical potential of stem cells, Curr. Opin. Cell Biol. 16:713–720. Merten O-W, Cruz PE, Rochette C, Geny-Fiamma C, Bouquet C, Gonc¸alves D, Danos O, Carrondo MJT (2001), Comparison of different bioreactor systems for the production of high titer retroviral vectors, Biotechnol.

After 1980, however, mAbs also started to be used in association with radio- 5 6 Animal Cell Technology active markers, in imaging methods, such as immunoscintillography. In addition, with higher doses of the radioactive agent used for tumor detection, it became possible to treat cancer. This is the ‘magic bullet’ concept initially proposed by Paul Ehrlich at the end of the 19th century. In this application, the antibody directs the radioactive product only to cancer cells, which express large amounts of surface tumor antigens.

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