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2018 Price Schedule
Signature Finish®Paint Kit
Includes: 3 Coats Paint including Catalyst and Flow Fluid
50 sq. ft. kit – Lighter colors $2.10 per Sq. Ft
400 sq. ft. kit – Lighter colors $1.55 per Sq. Ft
Honey Teak TM System Kit
Includes: 3 Coats Honey and 2 coats Clear including Catalyst and Flow Fluid.
50 sq. ft. kit $3.14 per Sq. Ft
400 sq. ft. kit $2.21 per Sq. Ft
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Super White Finish

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Follow-up orders of equal or less quantity will be at the lowest previous price, and can be either Paint or Honey Teak.All Signature Finish Products may be purchased in any quantity; by Square Foot kit or individual ounces.

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