Boat Paint in Stuart, FL

With more than 30 years of experience in the marine industry, Signature Finish provides customers with high-quality boat paint, to restore your boat’s finish! We offer custom paint mixing and color matching, with products far superior to off-the-shelf brands. Let us introduce you to quality products that deliver exceptional results for your boat.

We bring boaters the very best in finishes, like our Signature Finish series and our world-class Honey Teak. Our superior finishes go on easy, stand up to even the toughest conditions and look absolutely flawless the whole time. Forget about primer and wax. Don’t worry about applying outdoors. Roll-on, brush-on or spray-on. Our products are designed to be used by the common man, which means you can apply them at home with superior results! We’ll even make sure you have all the boat paint supplies in Stuart, FL you need to get the job done
With decades in the marine industry, we’re committed to helping you beautify your boat. We know it’s an investment, which is why we recommend products and solutions that maintain that investment. We’ll guide you towards the right finish and give you tips on applying it. We promise you won’t drop thousands on a professional finish ever again. Instead, you’ll do the job yourself using our quality products, getting high-caliber results that keep your boat looking great. Contact us today to learn more!

Get a Finish that Looks Great and Lasts

A good finish goes a long way on your boat. Having beautiful boat paint in Stuart, FL that’s resilient and attractive means hitting the water with a craft that’ll look great and stand up to the elements. At Signature Finish, that’s exactly what we had in mind when we created our finishes.

Offering reliable solutions to boat owners in Stuart, FL, and the surrounding areas.


Get the Right Finish

  • We specialize in do-it-yourself paint, where we supply you with all the tools and materials needed to repaint your boat to a professional caliber.
  • Our finishes outlast just about every other option on the market. A good application can last roughly 8-10 years. We’ve even had a customer go 20 years on a single finish!
  • We have absolutely everything first-time boat owners need to repaint and maintain their boats, including mixing cups, rollers and, of course, high quality finishes.
  • We put customer satisfaction above all else. We still believe the customer is always right, which means we’ll always try to do the right thing when helping you.
  • Our staff is backed by more than 30 years in the marine coatings industry and can provide you with expert advice that shows our tenure.

Looking for a quality finish that’ll stand up to the elements? Let Signature Finish provide you with a proven product and all of the supplies to apply it yourself. Contact us today!