Honey Teak

Honey Teak is a beautiful, unique finish suitable for all woods. It’s available in acrylic, urethane and enamel marine paint in Stuart, FL, in transparent and solid colors. It delivers the most beautiful, brightest results imaginable for all boat building woods. The classic, golden color is traditional and the deep mirror-like gloss is totally without comparison.

More than just stunning to look at, Honey Teak was developed to withstand the ravages of tropical weather, including intense sunlight, saltwater, stripping winds and more. It provides total protection and unmatched beauty for bright work.


Application instructions

Wood boat finish

With the right marine paint supplies in Stuart, FL, application of Honey Teak is a breeze. It’s a two-step, catalyzed acrylic urethane enamel coating that delivers. No varnish, teak oil or polyurethane coating can match the benefits or the performance of Honey Teak!

The Benefits

Honey Teak stands out from the competition for so many reasons—not least its stunning beauty when applied correctly. Take a look at a few more reasons to make the switch to this superior finish the next time your boat comes due for maintenance:

    • Easy to sand and buff.
    • No primer or sealer required.
    • Takes just one day to apply.
    • Easy to apply outdoors.
  • Brush-on, roll-on or spray-on options available.
  • Spray-on method is easily repairable.
  • Not affected by temperatures of 15º–100º.
  • Can withstand the snuffing of a cigarette at 2000º!

On top of all this, Honey Teak has a chemical and abrasive resistance unaffected by teak cleaners, MEK, lacquer thinner, acetone, battery acid and fuels!

Enjoy a Superior Finish

Your boat deserves the best. When it comes to quality finishes, nothing compares to Honey Teak! Contact Signature Finish today for more information about this product and everything that makes it so special. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the benefits of Honey Teak on your boat.