August 11, 2018

June 20, 2018

March 11, 2008

"I ​hate ​sanding ​and ​varnishing ​my ​boat​'​s ​teak ​every ​spri​n​g​. ​Now ​that I​'​ve ​use ​Fabula Inc​.​'​s ​Honey ​Teak​, ​come ​April ​I​'​ll ​be ​kickin​' ​back ​in ​the ​cockpit ​while ​ever​y ​ one else ​is ​still sanding ​away ​at ​the ​yard​. This ​treatment​, ​which ​also ​works ​on ​mahoga​ny​, ​as​h​, ​spruce or ​fir​, ​includes ​two steps​: ​applying a triple​-​coat ​application ​of ​Honeycoat​, ​followed ​by ​three ​coats ​of ​Crystalcoat​. ​Six ​coats ​sounds like ​a ​lot ​of ​work​, ​but ​it​'​s ​actually ​less ​time​-​consuming than ​other ​wood ​treatments ​b​ecause ​you don​'​t ​have ​to ​wait ​for ​each ​coat ​to ​dry ​before ​applying ​the ​next​. ​You ​do ​have ​to ​wait ​an ​hour ​for Honeycoat ​to ​dry ​before ​switching ​to ​Crystalcoat​. I ​managed ​to ​fully ​treat ​the ​teak ​door ​and ​interior ​cabin ​trim ​on ​our ​28​' ​Bertram ​in ​one ​day ​- a ​job ​that ​usually ​takes ​a ​full ​weekend​. ​The ​teak ​looks ​like ​new ​and ​best ​of ​all​, ​maintenance ​is almost ​nil ​- all that's needed is a single coat of Crystalcoat once every 24 to 36 months. (In warmer climates, re-apply every 18 months.)"
August 11, 1993

"My ​bright ​work ​was ​saved ​by ​using ​HONEY ​TEAK ​which ​was ​recommended ​to ​me ​by Rybovich​/ ​ Spenser ​and ​applied ​by ​George ​Bonagura​. ​A​f​ter ​fifteen ​(​15​) ​months ​of continuous sun ​and ​weather​, ​in ​Florida ​and ​Connecticut​, ​'​T​h​e ​Lucky ​Bee​' ​is ​still ​perfect​. ​WHAT ​A PRODUCT​!​""
Signature Finish