Signature Finish

When it comes to boat finishes, the right product makes all the difference—especially when you’re applying it yourself. At Signature Finish, we bring you everything you need to do a great job. Come to us for a boat paint supply kit in Stuart, FL and we’ll make sure you’ve got the products for a flawless application that looks great and lasts.


Application instructions

Blue boat

Why Choose Signature Finish?

There are so many reasons to choose Signature finish for your boat. Beyond its superior resilience and beautiful aesthetic, you’ll get all the benefits that come with our quality product.

  • No primers: We get rid of a step and eliminate the need for a primer, so you can apply Signature Finish with confidence and results that look exceptional.
  • Brush- or roll-on: No matter how you choose to apply this finish, we guarantee it’ll look great. Brush it on in crevices and detail areas and roll it on over the broader hull—the finish will look consistent and perfect either way.
  • Apply multiple coats: Apply Signature Finish as many times as you need! Unlike other boat finishing in Stuart, FL that may look inconsistent with additional coats, ours goes on smooth and looks flawless no matter how many coats you put on.
  • Apply outdoors: Signature Finish can be applied outdoors in direct sunlight with no effect on how they’ll set! You’ll get a crisp, beautiful result no matter where you apply this finish.
  • No waxing: There’s no need to wax your boat after applying Signature Finish. When it sets, you’ll enjoy a sleek, protective sheen that’s ready to handle the roughest elements out on the water.
  • Easily repairable: Because it doesn’t need a primer and can be applied outdoors, it’s easy to repair problem areas! Just brush on a new coat and let it set for superb results that speak for themselves.

Beautify Your Boat

If you’re looking for the very best finish for your boat, look no further than Signature Finish. Contact us today at 772-678-6015 for more information about our products and how you can put them to work for your boat.